Mixing & Matching Your Shirts & Ties

By now, you should know what type of shirt collar is appropriate for you, how to tie the perfect knot, and of different kinds of shirt patterns. Now let's put everything together to find combinations that work. We can approach this in just two easy steps:

Step 1. Find Your Color
Whatever color you pick for your shirt, find a tie that has that same color somewhere in its pattern. A tonal match is very easy on the eyes, and immediately brings your shirt and tie together.

Step 2. Properly Proportioned Patterns
Just remember: big pattern, little pattern. You always want to easily discern between the size of your patterns. For example, if your shirt is gingham, pair it with a boarding-stripe tie. Or if your shirt is a shadow stripe, consider a tie with a paisley or dot pattern.

See how easy it is? Simply keep your colors coordinated and proportions on point, and you can do no wrong.