Shirt Collars and Face Shapes

When you put on a dress shirt, a nice tie, and a jacket, you're automatically setting yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. You're not just getting dressed, you're getting assembled, and that extra minute or two of effort that you put into selecting the pieces that best complement each other reflects that.

But if you really want to make a statement, having the right shirt with the right collar to complement the shape of your face makes all the difference. Black Lapel of New York help give a bit of insight into which face goes best with which collar.

Round Face
If your face is just about a perfect circle, then the Point Collar is the way to go. This will help elongate and slim the face. Our Christopher Lena cotton shirts all come with this collar type.

Oval Face
If your crown and head come to a bit of a point, then you have an oval face shape. Wear a shirt with a semi-spread collar to add depth and chest definition to your frame.

Angular Face
If your face has more chisels than a sculptor, then the spread collar is your best bet. This will allow you to tie the Full Windsor knot, which will match your face shape and create a line of symmetry.