Getting Knotty - How to Tie a Tie

In our last post, we showed a few ways of picking a shirt collar for your face shape. But did you know those three collar types will also best accommodate certain tie knots?

This week, we're seeking help from the Internet's authority on ties,

The four-in-hand is the simplest style to tie. With its slimmer knot, it works best with Pointed Collars. Perfect for giving your look a more casual bent.


Quick, classy, with a touch of casual, the Half-Windsor is best worn with the Semi-Spread Collar, giving you a truly well-rounded look. Great to wear to interviews, special events - even grocery shopping!


Full Windsor
The ultimate statement. For when you really want to show off, there's the Windsor. Worn best with a Spread Collar, this is most refined (and most complicated) of the three knots. Best for launching your business or exchanging your lifelong vows.