Baby, It's Cold Outside

As temperatures are starting to dip, it's important to have weather-appropriate attire that is also style-appropriate. Here are a few tips on staying warm while looking cool:

Layer, Layers, Layers
"The more clothes you wear, the warmer you will feel," said Captain Obvious. But how do you it elegantly? Start with your favorite shirt, and work up - sweater, sportcoat, overcoat. If you start with basic colors like grey, navy, and black, you can easily mix-and-match for maximum effect. 

Invest in Wool
Wool is a luxury fabric for a reason - it's durable, long-lasting, can be dyed a variety of colors, and most importantly, it keeps you warm. Perhaps the best place to put wool (besides everywhere) is on your feet. Since wool is essentially sheep "hair," it insulates, and wicks the sweat off your feet unlike cotton socks, keeping your toes warm and dry.

Suited and Booted
Nothing beats a pair of high quality leather boots. Don't believe what they say about leather and rain - a simple spray of a leather protector from the local drug store is all you need to go out looking like a million bucks, no matter what the weather. Simple black ankle boots go great with grey and blue suits.

Denim (Duh)
You can never go wrong with your favorite pair of dark-wash jeans. The taut cotton should hug your body just enough to keep in the heat without totally trapping it. Class it up with your suit jacket, or keep it casual with a cardigan and a pair of sneakers.