Style Ideas for the Vertically Challenged

Fashion magazines have the tendency to make it appear as though the only well-dressed men on the planet are super tall athletes or chiseled movie stars. So what about short guys? Here are a few tips on getting a sleek silhouette even if you can't put the Christmas tree topper on without a step-stool.

No Pleated Pants
Pleats give the illusion of wider hips. Wide and tall generally don’t coexist, but lean and long do. The goal is to portray this look.

Tuck in the Shirt
Tucked in shirt shows the waist and helps with elongating. Tucking in a shirt also allows the shirt to fit more snug on the body which lengthens it as well. If a shirt is un-tucked it should not be lower than 2 inches past the waist

Slimmer Sleeve Widths
Arms hug the body and act as sight lines up and down a man’s physique. Slimmer sleeves add length to the arms making them appear lean as opposed to short a portly. The leaner and longer the arms appear, the leaner and longer you body will appear.

No Wide Ties
Stay away from wide ties as they take up too much of your torso and gives a crowded look.