Business Casual 101

We get a lot of men coming in for an interview, a networking event, or a new job that requires them to dress Business Casual. What does that mean, and how do you pull it off?

Read our quick tips for a successful outfit below.

Belt Matches the Shoe
This is a pretty simple one to follow. If you're wearing black shoes, wear a black belt; brown shoes, brown belt. But when do you wear which? It's often best to pair your shoe-belt combo with your pants: brown with blue, grey, or charcoal; black with grey, charcoal, or black.

Toss the T-shirt
The days of the undershirt are long gone. They may have been par for the course in the '50s when dress shirts were more billowy, but with today's fitted shirts, they're not only unnecessary, they can have a detrimental effect to your look. Not only do undershirts bunch up your dress shirt and jacket, but if you choose to forego the tie, a T-shirt beneath a nice button-up looks slovenly. Best to "go commando" on the shirt front.

Socks Matter
Whatever you do, don't match your socks to your shoes. Avoid white athletic socks at all cost, too. Instead, opt for a sock that will match one other piece of your outfit: sport coat, shirt, or tie.

Speaking of ties, it's important to understand length and width. The end of your tie should come to the middle of your belt buckle, no shorter, no longer. The width should match the width the lapel of your sport coat or suit jacket. The current standard tie width is 3½ inches.

As always, stop by the store for more style tips and the perfect outfit for your event.