The Color of Your Suit

One of the first questions we like to ask all of our customers is, "Do you have a preference of color?" The response to this tends to be mixed--either they know exactly what they want, or they answer with something along the lines of, "I don't know. Black?"

If you're stumped on suit colors, these tips should help you decide what suit is best for your occasion.

This is your go-to suit. Gray is the new color of choice, because it is perfect for everything from weddings to interviews, out for a night on the town or stuck in the office. Lighter grays give a more casual look, while charcoal is slightly more serious, but either will be just right for whatever you need.

In a black suit, you can do no wrong. No longer exclusive to funerals and business meetings, the contemporary black suit, while still the most formal option, can be dressed down with a bright pop of color in your shirt, tie, socks--you name it. 

The ultimate in style and sophistication, the navy suit is for when you really want to make an impression. Appropriate for all occasions, it is able to float seamlessly between formal and casual, as the jacket can be paired with dark wash jeans or even a different pair of dress slacks.

And of course, stop into Well Suited once you have decided which color will work best for you.