It's All About the Fit

 © 2015 Maxman, Inc.

© 2015 Maxman, Inc.

The biggest improvement you can make to your look is ensuring all of your clothes fit. Now, that seems like a pretty basic suggestion, but it is fundamental to walking with your best foot forward.

But what is good fit?

When we talk about fit, we're referring to the amount of material that surrounds your body, where it clings, and what that does for your silhouette (your overall shape). One should always strive for a happy medium -- your shirts, for instance, should not leave excess material in the back or arms, but neither should they be skin-tight. A well-fitted shirt will hug your body without squeezing.

Fit is a lot more than sizing. To return to the shirting example, you may have a 16-inch neck, but not all 16-inch shirts will fit your torso or your arms the same. If you have a thin-to-average build, keep on the lookout for cuts that are labeled as "Fitted," "Slim," or "Tailored." If you have an average-to-large frame, you'll want to find items labeled "Traditional," "Classic," or "Regular."

Once you understand fit, you'll find that this very simple approach is the most powerful tool in your arsenal. With it, you will be steps ahead of the game, and might even find that you're already the most well-dressed person in the room. Come see us to help find your perfect fit.